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Blue and I, my yoville stalker shades smile Yoville! The New Kid On The Block In Video Game Shirts

In the first on a number of articles we will look at video games, popularised by social media networks.

In the current age of the super consoles on the Market,  you would think flash graphics is a must have for any game to be successful, WRONG!! There are a new breed of games out there that are hugely popular and addictive, these games have been popularised through social media sites like FaceBook. Facebook games are massive, utilising Facebook’s huge numbers of users. The games rely more on gameplay than flash graphics.

One of most popular game at the moment is Yoville. It is a 2D virtual world game developed by Zynga. You create your own Yoville character which interacts with your contacts through social networks like Facebook and Myspace. You can decorate your own apartment, buy clothes, food etc, basically everything you do in real video but set in a virtual environment. There are also plenty of contests out there to win coins to use in Yoville.

The game sounds simple enough, and highly addictive, these new type of games are hugely popular and has produced a number of spin off products including these great video game shirts below. Now I never thought I would be reviewing t shirts based on a game played in Facebook and Myspace, but the popularity and interest of these games cuts across demographics that don’t normally play video games, making these video game shirts and other shirts based on video games opened to a whole new market.

I know how addictive Yoville is, from personal experience, meeting new people from all walks of life. Experienced the ups and down with your fellow yovillian as new hack, coin cheats comes into play and the devastation you felt when you found out that this hot chick avatar your dating in yoville is actually a 72 grandmother of 12 that has loss all her teeth during world war II.

For great resources on yoville please check out  Yorehab: The No 1 online Fan Site for Yoville and make sure to Like them in facebook. They have the most updated price guide, really awesome contest and loads of yovillian daily life dramas.

There are limited Yoville Gamer Shirts in the market, the sample shirt below is from a site calledcafepress with only one design currently available. But what is good aboutcafepree is you can actually ask them to print a shirt of your own design. Why not let them print your own yoville avatar while wearing  the most expensive costume you have collected. A great way to give tribute to a game that has become a part of your daily life.

Coin Run tshirt @ cafepress

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