With the advent of retro gaming becoming an industry within the gaming industry and becoming cool, it wasn’t long before video game shirts, were the apparel of teenage gamers wearing oversized shirts.

They are now sported by adult wearing video game shirts with slick crisp designs without those painful smart Alec logos. If you don’t believe me check for yourself online.

I am a fashion victim, always wearing designer labels, where the only way to you see that label is by checking at the back of the shirt. I have a space invaders T shirt, I love the design, it looks good and women are not turned off by it (they don’t think I am a geek).

Video game shirts are now a growing industry, that has niches and sub niches to appease fans of the different genres of gaming.

There are now video game shirts for retro gaming, RPG gaming, online gaming, for the various sports and platform games out there. The list goes on and on.

Video game shirts are here to stay. There is so much creativity that can be borrowed from the gaming industry that it is safe to say the fashion industry will never run out of ideas to create new video gaming shirts.

I personally prefer the retro gaming shirts, maybe because of my age, it reminds me of a simpler time when gaming had a lot more emphasis on game play than flashy graphics. But you probably heard that old chestnut from a lot of people similar to my age; incidentally it is a young 37.

These days you can get a lot of these shirts in slim fit cuts so they don’t look oversized and baggy. It does look like the fashion industry have begun to produce video game shirts in quality fabrics and time has been spent to get the designs right as they see the potential they have as a fashion item.

Remember anyone can look cool in the right video game shirt, even me

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