You are a fan of online games and want to print pictures or characters of the game on your shirt.

Refer to the following T-shirts to print your favorite 3D gaming pictures to confirm your personality!

1. Brooks Brothers

Since 1818 of the 19th century, fashion house Brooks Brother was born in New York and became the oldest fashion chain in America. Brooks Brothers is known for its innovation in the apparel industry by bringing ready-to-wear products in 1859. This is where Ralph Lauren used to work as a salesman before starting the brand famously bears his name. Its popular collars are classic slippery shirts with a small logo on the left breast.

2. Hugo Boss

Image result for Hugo by Hugo Boss Men’s Polo Shirt with Pocket

This name is no stranger to fashion lovers. Founded by Hugo Boss in 1924 in Metzingen Germany, Hugo Boss has a long history in the garment industry no less than anyone else. In addition to Hugo Boss, this fashion brand also has small fashion branches such as Boss Black, Boss Selection, Boss Orange, Boss Green and Hugo Menswear. Polo shirts inspired by the national flags are very popular with the boys who are passionate about the sport of the king.

3. Fred Perry

Famous street style brand Fred Perry from England with a strong, modern but equally elegant style. In the late 40s, Perry started producing polo shirts. Officially launched in 1953 at the Wimbledon tournament, Fred Perry’s tennis jersey quickly became a success. Now Fred Perry is one of the most famous brands in the world with classic polo shirts with colorful, high-quality and cool materials.

4. Ralph Lauren

It will be a great omission if the long list is missing the name of Ralph Lauren, the famous designer of the flag of the capital known by the brand Ralph Lauren Polo. Laurent stopped his sales job at Brooks Brothers and began laying the foundation for his fashion empire by designing a tie in 1966. Under the financial support of Norman Hilton, Ralph Lauren shook hands. and made a breakthrough in his career by developing the Polo fashion brand after being franchised by Brooks Brother. 1972 was also the time of the design of the company’s short-sleeved men’s t-shirt design with a small logo on the left chest as a polo player.

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