What makes a great video gaming shirt?

That is the million dollar question. These shirts normally offer simplicity of design. You take an iconic image from a game and print that on a shirt. The status of the game with the quality of the print will ensure the shirt sells. The old saying says KISS Keep it simple stupid!!

Keep jokes or wording to a minimum or not all. Ideally there should be no jokes on your shirt unless you are twelve years old. There is one exception to that which we will get to later. The image should sell the shirt on its own. Using the games logo is also acceptable to sell the video game shirts.

The more popular shirts are the ones imported from Japan, these tend to have wording in Japanese which are acceptable that these video game shirts carry a kudos.

Iconic imagery will always be the best way to make a great gaming shirt. Everyone knows Pac man right? Well consider a shirt with just the image of pac man or a pac man ghost, that is an example of an excellent shirt.

Other shirts that have iconic imagery include space invaders or asteroids there are no need to spoil these shirts with any extra wordings These images are what make these shirts special and now a fashion statement.

There are always exceptions to the rule. As you can get away with a shirt with a complex design or image from a game, but this has to be well designed and reproduced to make the shirt look good, if not it will not be a good gaming shirt.

Funny video game shirts tend to be for geeks and young teenagers. If you want to look cool, keep away from them. The shirts not the geeks or teenagers!

What factors are needed for a good gaming shirt? Good design with good materials. Keeping it simple is always the best policy, don’t go overboard with the graphics or design and wording.

But this is true in any design capacity be it flyer design or designing a website. Look for the basic design guidelines for a good shirt but it always comes back to personal taste.

If you like a funny video gaming shirt, then buy it. It is your money to do with as you wish.

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