Following the success of Wasteland 2 – the best game of 2014, Wasteland 3 is back. This time, it promises to become an open world immersive super product of 2020.

As a similar game and somewhat like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild, in Windbound, you will be playing the role of Kara, a warrior upgraded and brought into the Forbidden Island. Being born in a beautiful wilderness and find a way home, Kara will have to learn to craft tools and weapons to protect her body from wild species and monsters on the island.

Wasteland 3 has stunning graphics and many secrets to discover

Here, you’ll take your first steps in challenging tactical battles. Besides, you will immerse yourself in a deep storyline with personality characters, open knots, and vital choices. World Wasteland 3 will interact with every decision you make. There are many ways to master Colorado and its surroundings.

In the game Wasteland 3, players take command of the Desert Rangers and a diverse cast of characters in the fierce post-apocalyptic world to rebuild society from the ashes. More than a century after the war ended, you fought a death battle to protect your beloved Arizona. With the mission of saving the land on your shoulder, what will you do to survive and save humanity?

Watch out for engaging turn-based battles

Play Wasteland 3 PC to complete countless difficult missions and adventures. Players will experience them through the burning deserts to the cold snowy mountains to start everything from nothing.

Play Wasteland 3 PC to complete countless difficult missions

In the game, players have decide who to trust and discover who is the bad guy. Make a name for yourself with the decisions that have a strong impact on Colorado, its inhabitants, and the future storyline. Besides a great storyline, the wasteland 3 features will also satisfy many players. In Wasteland 3, players can be Colorado’s savior or the worst nightmare ever seen!

How to play Wasteland 3

Wasteland 3 game is an RPG game with tactical turn-based combat gameplay, combining a deep storyline, many attractive branches. Players will form a team of 6 and customize with the perk, the ability to match their general gameplay. Gamers will be given their battle truck, then upgrade it to a powerful war monster to defeat all enemies in the way.

After many years, Wasteland 3 finally officially landed on Steam. Play Wasteland 3 now to explore the dark post-apocalyptic world of Colorado!

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