My obsession with video games nearly ruined my life. Let me take you back a few years when the “Frankkie Says!” t shirts were in fashion, remember them? or when Micheal Bolton was the coolest rock star on the planet!. Before any thing like reality TV or the Internet, yes there was a time before even the internet. I am talking about the eighties.

Why do you I am digressing back to the eighties. It was in this decade that I began my fascination with video games. I owned an Atari 2600, I was waggling that joystick when playing the decathlon (remember that game?) when I should have been waggling something else as a young teenager.

Now as this osbession with games grew, I become good at all sorts of video games. being the class nobody which I was at the time, this gave me a little bit of respect or prestige, well that is what I thought.

As time when on I grew into the fascade of what I thought I was, which is a hardcore video games player, I started a new obsession to go with the game playing one, wearing video game shirts. All I would wear would be these shirts. I thought I looked good but I really did not have a taste for clothing. Look at this example below.

Video games ruined my life Humor Dark T-Shirt by CafePress Video Games Ruined My Life


I thought shirts like these were cool, I thought they were funny, make me stand out from the crowd. Oh boy! It certainly made me stand out from the crowd but for all the wrong reasons. I become the guy that everyone thought I was a nerd.

I really thought I was the coolest guy around, able to play almost any game but if you look at my life more closely back then, I ate junk food during my many video gaming sessions. I hardly went out, had very few friends, had the physique of a walrus and I think the hygiene of one as well.

As I was wearing shirts like these on a regular basis, I couldn’t understand why I was not getting the girl, I really thought these shirts were cool. It wasn’t until I met a friend from school, who was bigger video gaming nerd than I was, he now has a steady job, a girlfriend, a nice car, a cool apartment. It was the look of pity he game me, while looking me up and down and asking what I have been up to.

Of course I lied and told him I was doing great. Basically living in with my parents, never had a girlfriend, never even had a proper job. Low on confidence and self esteem and a right hand that was considerably strong than the left!!!


Dont make me go ZELDA on you


I think the one thing that set me apart from other people were the video game shirts I was wearing, now some of them are cool that have been featured on this site. But there  are many like the three in this article I would avoid, well they can be OK if worn very occasionally, but I prefer to generally not wear these types of shirts any more.

Now I still don’t have a job, still spend lots of time playing video games, but now I have other interests, including playing sports. I have a social life. and a girlfriend. I make lots of money reviewing video games, developing websites and writing on blogs. Arcadeology – Is That A New Science? Or a Video Game Shirt?


Pac-Man – I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghost Shirt Video Games Ruined My Life

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