Unicorn in European culture, is a mythical creature, with a common shape known as the white horse with a horny forehead. The rare animal with these wonderful properties has inspired the nickname for the excellent startup companies.

It is more interesting when these unicorn images are printed on the video game shirtUnicorn is a horny horse – a resilient creature, fearless, agile and powerful. Its bravery challenges all of the bravest hunters and its agility makes them always fail. Only pure white girls can come near and ride them.

The term unicorns – Unicorn first appeared in a TechCrunch tech article in 2013. In that article, author Aileen Lee – an investor who searches and publishes a list of companies Start-up based on technology with high growth rate in a short time. And Aileen Lee wants a way to illustrate a new $ 1 billion tech startup group that was founded after 2003. By the time the article was published, she had found 39 images of Unicorn has met these criteria.

What are the characteristics of Unicorn? First is the rare. In 2013, the creator of the term estimated that, in 1539 new Internet and software companies appeared, only one of them was considered Unicorn. A billion dollar company does not appear regularly and Unicorn is a rare success story for beginners.

Another characteristic of Unicorn is the desire. Unicorn wants to revolutionize the world and one of the industry’s slogans is often referred to as the “change of the world.”

In some myths, the creature has more white wings than the swan, and it can freely fly in the sky. It is said that its horn has the power to prevent any poison. So that horn is invaluable and is hunted down to make a glass of wine. But to this day, no one has been lucky to find strange creatures in the legend.


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