Science has proved that cats are really good, they just pretend to ignore people.  So why can’t you let them appear on your video game shirt?

In the long-term war between dog lovers and cat lovers, a common argument given by dogs is the cat’s indifference, which makes them impossible to match dogs: selfish cats, real cats, cats faithful, they see themselves as kings and men are servants …

But thanks to a study published by Oregon State University, based on experimental scientific evidence, cats are really good. They really want to reach people for themselves, not for food.

Researchers have applied cognitive tests for cats and watched what they like and dislike. The experiment was conducted on 50 cats from the charity house and being raised by the owner, the researchers first isolated them from feeding, not contacting people, toys and scents for several hours. Then they released the cats and exposed them at the same time with the 4 agents again.

The results were unexpected, more than half of the cats immediately sought interaction with humans, not running or eating. Only 30% of cats go looking for food.

The authors of the study said: “While we often believe that cat societies exist quite independently, in our recent research, 50% of cats have chosen to have a social interaction. Although they can choose between humans or more exciting stimuli such as food, toys, … but they have chosen people, most of them. ”

The study of cat-awareness is increasingly providing evidence of social behavior as well as their ability to solve complex problems. Scientists said that the reason cats do not bother to listen to anyone’s orders except the sound of opening the lid of food can be misinterpreted by people as a result of their mechanism, leading to wrong teaching and not knowing. taking the upper hand from the beginning as with dogs.


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