When looking at video game shirts to review, I tend to stay away from the shirts that just display the game’s logo or screenshots of the actual game. In my opinion this is just being lazy as there are so many interesting designs that can be created from the rich tapestry of imagery. There is an exception to this.
What do most people think of when asked about retro video games?
Games such as PAC man, space invaders, pong and Mario.
All these games hark back to when the video games industry was still in its infancy. And games such as those mentioned earlier were considered ground breaking and original.
Because these games are so iconic, the games imager y can bring back some great memories. These games have graphics were simpler but do lend thenselves very well to t shirts.
Here is my TOP 10 screen shots retro video games shirts:
1. PAC-Man Level 1 T Shirt
The original and best PAC-Man T shirt
2. Dark Pong T shirt
The granddaddy of all games in a classic video game shirt
3. Donkey Kong Level  1 T Shirt
A retro t shirt classic, with a screen shot of the iconic Donkey Kong original game.
4. Space Invaders White – Dark T shirt

Another classic game that has been made into a great video game shirt. For more information on Space Invaders video game shirts, check out my article
5. Atari Pitfall T shirt
This shirt features a scene from Activision’s hit game, Pitfall, for the Atari 2600. The print is a distressed silk screen.
6. Asteroids T Shirt
Asteroids, created by Atari in 1979, was a hugely popular arcade game. The gameplay was inspired largely by the first computer-based game, ‘Spacewar!’, which was developed in 1962 at MIT.
7. Retro Frogger T shirt
Frogger is an arcade game released in 1981. The game screen is split into half, the bottom has a busy road and above that there is a river, the aim of the game is to get the frog across both the road and the river, avoiding any obstacles along the way.
8. Mario Bros Castle Light Shirt
The Nintendo Mascot in yet another video game shirt, this time taken straight from the classic game.
9. Dig Dug Shirt
A classic retro video game and a great t shirt. This is definately one of my favourite t shirts.
10.Centipede Screen Scene Shirt
A brilliant shirt from the classic Atari game of the eighties, Centipede.
What do all these shirts have in common? Yes they all provide in-game shots as the focus of the shirts but all the games provide simple, effective gameplay and the graphics are very simple and iconic.
Some great shirts! Maybe one or two of them might make it into my Ultimate Top 50 Video Game Shirts.
Let me know which are you favourites or if you find any shirts that I should review.
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