This Dad video game shirt

September 12, 2019

I’ve heard you say that when I was born, Dad was the happiest and happiest. He held me in his arms all the time and would not give way to the grandpa and grandmother. I really liked this video game shirt because it was a priceless gift that Dad gave me.

Dad has been smiling all the time since the day I appeared in the world, every time I go home from work, I run to my room and look after my baby sleeping in a crib and feel peaceful, all tiredness disappear.

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Dad laughed and then hugged his mother and mother was happy to see his small family so warm and peaceful.

As the child grew older over time, Dad became more and more pampered and loved him in all his very own ways. Dad always carried me on my shoulder because I liked being so high up, and my mom screamed at me all the time because he kept letting me play adventure games all the time.

Growing up a little more, when I was old enough to know that I was a girl, I encountered delicate issues and hesitated to share with you. That’s why I came to you more. I remember when I was the first menstrual period in my life, I panicked and rushed into the room to drag mom away.

When I saw that panicked look of yours, I was very worried and kept asking, but I shook my head and said okay. When I realized that I was gradually becoming a young woman and faced new problems in a girl’s life, I suddenly did not want to tell you about them.

When I was young, I always wanted to be with you and play with you all day. I know how to run to kiss you before you go to work and don’t forget to wish you a good day and good luck. Every afternoon when Dad came back, I stood waiting for him at the door and jumped up to see his figure flickering from afar.

Dad used to take me for a walk around the town, pointing this child, teaching the other children. Dad tells great stories about life and people. With a child who was still immature like that day, all the stories he told became great songs, and he was a very good singer.

When I started going to school, I was the one who carefully and carefully selected for me each pen, pen box, briefcase and books. Dad also bought me cute rubber bands that I wouldn’t buy for him, then he sneaked them into my hand and winked gently.

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