Uniqlo has a new collection of Mario shirts marking the plucky hero’s 35th anniversary, and they are quite affordable.

In April, various sources announced that Nintendo plans to remaster multiple Nintendo Switch Super Mario titles, including Super Mario sixty four and Super Mario galaxy, to mark the 35th birthday of the popular hero. While awaiting Nintendo’s official note, there is another way to enjoy this momentous chance. Uniqlo has a new lineup of t-shirts called the Super Mario Range for its 35th Anniversary, which can now be found online.

The Super Mario 35th Anniversary Collection is still pretty inexpensive. Uniqlo also launches high quality sets of shirts focused on video games and cartoons. Cost of $14.90 for adults, $9.90 for children. You must spend $100 on Uniqlo free of charge; otherwise it costs $5. Delivery. However these nice shirts are ready to be taken, even with delivery, at a reasonably decent price. You should display Uniqlo’s complete set of the Super Mario 35th anniversary and have a look

Evolution of Mario $9.90-$14.90

This graphical tea demonstrates Mario’s look at eight big games that commemorate his numerous style shifts and his diverse advertisements and outfits. The kid and adult sizes are available.

Mushroom Kingdom $14.90

This T-shirt focuses on 1985’s Super Mario Bros., a golden graphic tee which for the first time brought players into the Mushroom Kingdom.

Super Mario character $14.90

This shirt has a lot going on. The illustration of characters such as Mario, Bowser, Princess peach and Toad demonstrate both new and traditional. Overall, it is definitely the best shirt in the range, but it is available only in adults.

It’s-a me, Mario  $9.90

The kids in your life will be racing around the house on this adorable blue t-shirt shouting, “It’s-a me, Mario.”

Classic character and item collage $9.90

This boy’s t-shirt stands out with its highly-worn style, classic Mario designs, power-ups and other unforgettable pieces.

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