Super Mario, a small and dynamic plumber has become one of the most famous characters in video game history.

With a blue jumpsuit, big red hat and mustache, Mario instantly became a familiar image that anyone could recognize. He is inspired by a warehouse owner. What’s more unexpected when this guy appears on your video game shirt.

This is a rare feature in the video game market, there are only a few characters with similar abilities, like Lara Croft, Sonic the hedgehog and Pac-Man character. Mario was so popular that Nintendo sold more than 310 million games with this character, since its debut in 1985 in Super Mario Bros. – the moment Ronald Reagan started the second US presidency and the Live Aid concert to fight famine in Ethiopia is going on.

“Mario now has a place with Mickey Mouse in popular culture” – Florent Gorges, author of a Nintendo history book, told AFP news agency – “Mario will stay longer. Because we recognize that parents often introduce this character to their children”.

The name Mario is named after the owner of a warehouse, where the Nintendo branch of the US company is based. Nintendo’s developers were based on his appearance to create characters in their games. The creator of Mario is the game designer Shigeru Miyamoto, who said: “I was going to turn the character into an Italian when sketching. So, I decided to call the character Mario.”

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When launched, Mario has a fairly simple appearance, formed from hardware limitations at the time. Specifically, programmers can only use a limited number of pixels and color ranges. However, perhaps the simplicity alone helped increase Mario’s long-term vitality.

The designers decided to give Mario a hat for a simple reason, which is a technology limitation that prevents them from making the character’s hair fly. In addition to simplicity, there are other factors that make Mario long-term success. “Miyamoto envisioned that the character in his action game must be a member of the blue-collar circle,” said Nintendo’s long-time designer Takashi Tezuka. It should be noted that leaving a fat guy, instead of a prince of white horse, to save the princess is a strange thing, expressing Miyamoto’s special thinking.

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