Those who have watched live on the show at that time will probably never forget the extremely entertaining performances of Nintendo.

It could be the Bayonetta 2 displaying the beautiful curves of reunion, or the new The Legend of Zelda with a beautiful open world to love people. So having a fun if you have a video game shirt that’s called Splatoon Orange Inkling Fight.

At first glance, the writer also smirked, thinking that this is a naughty game for children, “correct” for Nintendo. But then this feeling was immediately replaced by admiration and was completely conquered, when Splatoon showed off the usual “weird” things.

On the occasion of the launch of Splatoon, it was very close, only in May 2015, we wants to share with you the first impressions of Splatoon, a colorful game that is qualified to become into a new line of “flagship” games for Nintendo.

What Splatoon brings is sure to make 96.69% of viewers say: “Oh, dried up!” Ink everywhere! ”. Indeed, Splatoon is a game about … ink, both “squid” and “ink color”.

Shaping the characters in Splatoon, whether “male bar” or “female elite” is more or less the features with a loss of ink, from ear hair, nose eyes to clothes. This is not too difficult to understand, because in Splatoon, turning ink into one of the characters’ unique abilities.

Basically, Splatoon is a third-person shooter game – although it can be customized to the first or comfortable shoulder.

What makes the difference between Splatoon and other popular games all over the “market in the neighborhood”, is that instead of shooting each other with “hot goods” that smell “blood fire”, the characters in the game will Use paint spray guns to shoot each other. Therefore, it is not difficult to see from the pictures published by Nintendo: all battlefields are covered at least two different types of ink colors.

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