There are a few games out there, that are very colourful, have larger than life characters and can lend themselves to making a great t shirt. There are some that do all the colourful images and characters and in my opinion make the type of t shirts that only children or video game geeks will like. Sonic is a game that falls into the latter category or so I thought. 

Sonic was originally designed by Sega, as their mascot gaming icon, similar to Mario for Nintendo. It was the game that defined Sega as a games brand in the 16 bit era. It become the default game that was given with the Sega Mega-Drive. 

There have been numerous games featuring Sonic, the original games were platform games but there have been driving games and role playing games featuring the Sonic character. There have also been a number of Sonic and Mario crossover games.

Sonic and games like Mario are targeted at a younger audience, making a twenty something male look ridiculous, as if they still had their mother dress them, their dating lifestyle consists of kleenex and plenty of hand cream. You get the image? However, now that retro gaming has become trendy, most people can get away with wearing some of the designs without looking like an over-aged nerd.

Sonic was never one of my favourite games, I think we are all influenced by the games we play or played on a regular basis

Both of the shirts in this review have such iconic images, once you get the shirts right, they will look awesome, too many Sonic shirts that I have had a look at in the past, I would not be comfortable to wear.

Now the shirt below is a great looking shirt, Sonic is in a faded blue and green colour, with the Japanese lettering, this is a must have shirt for anyone into video game apparel. The Japanese lettering and the unusual faded Sonic design makes this shirt trendy, made from 100% cotton, this shirt ticks all the boxes for a classic designed shirt without the need for smart-alec wording on the shirt or the central image made to look “funny” or “cool” in some way. I know there are good shirts available that have these design traits, but these are very few and far between.

Officially licensed Sonic The Hedgehog Japanese Logo Pale Blue T-Shirt. Features a faded blue and green Sonic design with Japanese lettering

This shirt has all the vibrant colours of the Sonic character with Japanese wording. A simple shirt with an iconic image, you cant really get better than that.


Officially licensed Sonic The Hedgehog Japanese Heather Blue Tee Shirt. Features a Japanese-themed Sonic design with kanji writing


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