It is so cool to have a jacket based on the tattoo that adorns the characters in the Yakuza series. This new line of Yakuza themed apparel from Insert Coin is a little close to having one of those awesome ink designs, just without any pain associated with the healing process.

Insert Coin and Sega has announced that they have teamed up to produce some jackets based on the iconic tattoos from Sega‘s hit crime series Yakuza about an ex-con who has a heart of gold. Going for about $85 USD, you can buy yourself a coat with the tattoo design from characters Saejima, Majima, Goda, Kiryu, and Nishikiyama. There are also two t-shirts available: one for Majima construction and the other for fictional city Kamurocho.

The two companies’ announcement is actually for introducing three new jackets, but many people are using it as an excuse to inform everyone about Yakuza clothing. Established in 2010, Insert Coin is a company that focuses on creating apparel related to video games. From Insert Coin’s official website, you can find t-shirts, jackets, and hoodies inspired by games like Metal Gear Solid, DOOM, Bloodborne, Wolfenstein, and the aforementioned Yakuza.

Based out of England, shipping prices may be a little brutal for anyone who is living in the United States. The quality is supposed to be very high and you are unlikely to find anything similar at a local store. This is specialty stuff that is unique to the very fiber.

If you are worried about grabbing something now, you can breathe a sigh of relief since Insert Coin doesn’t produce limited time stuff. Stock might be low on certain items but any popular pieces should see a return, which gives you some time to decide whether walking around town like the ultimate badass is worth it.

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