Retro video game shirts are now a massive part of the video gaming shirts industry. Who can forget the iconic imagery of Pac Man, Space Invaders, the Commodore 64 v Spectrum battle, Jet Set Willy. The list could go on and on.

What about the nineties with Street Fighter 2 Golden Axe or Sonic and let’s not forget the famous Donkey Kong.

Retro gaming shirts may be about reliving your youth (well if you are a certain age like me), when you thought the gameplay was better. But these shirts are popular and trendy.

Having the icon Pac Man on your shirt doesn’t mean you are a nerd but someone who likes fashion. Because the gaming industry is so well established there is a rich history of video game characters to use as inspiration for the latest retro video game shirts and now they come in so many different types.

Take a look at the example below.

What makes this shirt go good and classy?

It is basically taken the screen shot from the original Pac Man game, it is an image that transcends all societies as it is something that everyone can identify with.

Now there is the argument that video game shirts that have the main game image ported over from the game, means the designers of these shirts are lazy. However this just does not apply to retro video game shirts as discussed earlier, the images from the actual games themselves are so iconic.

Now this maybe why the retro shirts are possibly the most popular of all gaming shirts?

Everyone recognise the imagery on the shirts and since it is iconic and does not need language to communicate its effectiveness, everyone sees these shirts and understand what they are. Most of the video game shirts are direct screen shots of the game itself like the example above.

Some could display just the logo, many have custom designs that are not just designed by designers but the customers themselves.

Now these shirts are not just seen as lazy copies with the game image ported over as discussed earlier, they are fashion statements. Because the game is now long gone or exists in a different format.

Fans of these shirts really like the imagery of the game. Most of the modern game shirts that are made, which have the game image ported over directly are seen as lazy, as if the shirt designers could not be bothered and just want to make a quick dollar.

Retro game shirts however, are great when show the original game as we all harken back to our youngers days when we think everything was better. And because the images are classic, it is something everyone enjoys.

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