Dragon of Legends has the same graphics and fighting style as previous gameboy RPG titles. The Retro video game shirt of Dragon of Legends was released by Thrives Game as a statement that will launch this comprehensive multi-platform product.

Dragon of Legends is based on elements of the war between Nords and Celts. Players are required to join one of the two factions and fight the other side until they win completely. After selecting the faction, the player will be able to select the character classes that are in that faction and a Questlog to record his entire journey. Players can also share all in-game moments on social networks linked to the game.

The overly simplistic design of Dragon of Legends makes it easy for players to feel confused due to the proximity of each other, creating characters and scenes that are similar to the 2D version of MineCraft despite being strange but not It is easy to attract the attention of the new generation of gamers already familiar with the 3D graphics more and more unique, delicate and lively of most mobile games, Console today.

It can be seen that the main object that Dragon of Legends is aimed at is veteran gamers who have experienced simple early games, and those who pay much attention to its gameplay rather than graphics. Mobile Dungeon has elements of role-playing game series, more specifically it is the genre ofueluelike. This is a small genre of RPGs, often characterized by randomness, sudden deaths, and turn-based movements. Most of these genre titles have ASCII-based graphics, simple colors.

You can choose between different types of heroes, such as a hoodlum, a warrior or a knight. Moreover, your character can gain more experience to increase the attack level. The game also offers 9 different types of monsters with 3 levels. “Mobile Dungeon” creates an exciting stressful atmosphere for players because right from the beginning of the game, most maps are darkened and you have just enough Discover it gradually struggling against the unexpected monsters that appear on your every step.

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