Have you ever imagined The color of “Praise the Sun will be printed on your shirt? Especially, This shirt is designed with the black color.

The new Dark Souls Remastered mod will turn the Warrior class into GTA San Andreas CJ. His compact image was sprayed with rubber ink on this video game shirt. In fact, the modder community has made it a few times.

Or someone even made a series for video game by changing some of the more glamorous images. But there are also quite fancy ideas that make the video games “more” than normal. This made many fans to be excited because it was so colorful.

The latest Dark Souls image modification comes in the latter category but is generally quite interesting. It will bring “CJ” Carl Johnson from the streets of San Andreas to the darkened land of Lordran. From being the clutches of guns and thieves, he now switches to clashing skeletons.

It was discovered thanks to the well-known Zullie streamer. This Dark Souls mod is now available for you to search for Dark Souls Remastered images. It allows you to change the main character model on your shirt.

Please just save the image and send it to us. As a result, you will quickly have a featured jacket for the famous Praise The Sun video game. In addition, the Warrior class is equipped with armor, so you only need to select this character class when printed on the front of your shirt can be “masked” CJ.

Warhammer: Chaosbane is a hack’n’slash video game for fans of the legendary Diablo. However, the mod does not change the play style of the character, players will simply look like CJ from GTA San Andreas. So the image that’s he conquered through Blighttown would also be a great idea for the video game shirt.

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