Love your retro video games? Love the original shoot ’em up classic? You know the game I am talking about?

Of course it is Space Invaders!

Check out this interesting twist on the classic Space Invaders game from Baby Berry Designs, available right now from Nowhere Bad for only $12 and rememer it is only available for 3.5 days.

Check out what the designer Baby Berry Designs had to say about this great tee……

“I’m a huge video game lover and Space Invaders was a favorite of mine when I was a kid! I hope this shirt brings back as many memories for you as it did for me.”

I really like this great design, I think it is difficult to come up with an original Space Invader design, I think Baby Berry Designs has acheived it with the Space Invader/Crop Circle inspired design at Nowwhere Bad.

Remember it is only available for 3.5 days only at the great price of $12

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