Pikachu video game shirt

August 29, 2019

Pictures of cute funny Pikachu must not be too strange for children. Pikachu is an easy game to play along with attractive gameplay. What do you think has a video game shirt printed with that image.

It promises to bring you the most exciting experience that other titles will ever have. Always keep up with the latest and greatest to serve your growing playing needs. The latest updated version as an interesting challenge for players to explore.

Join this game pikachu familiar gameplay as the previous version. But that doesn’t mean the game won’t be exciting. The game graphics are designed in a completely new style that is different from the previous one. Pikachu characters also become much more diverse in the game, the originality is increased.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho video game shirt

It helps players can observe better easier. But note that the challenge here is quite high and you need to be quick. Newly successfully completed his mission in this game.

The game rules are the same, players should eliminate all the same animals lying next to each other or apart from each other. But between them is not blocked by any obstacle, depending on each game will have a space and a short period of time specified. During this time you must eliminate all the animals that are here. The shorter the mission, the shorter the score you get in this game.

Playing pikachu game every level has a set time period. If you finish quickly early during this time, you score a high score. Take the chance to go to the next screen. Experience discovering the interesting things ahead is waiting for you to conquer. Wish you happy gaming!

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