Insert Coin has teamed up with Atlus to release a new official clothing collection of Persona 4 Golden-themed apparel, including outerwear and t-shirts.

Insert Coin and Atlus has teamed up to release a fashion collection that is based on Persona 4 Golden. The collection includes a hoodie, a jacket, four t-shirts, and a tote bag. Each of the items are adorned with designs from the cult Japanese Role-Playing Games (JRPG), which was recently ported to PC.

What makes it interesting is that the pieces from the clothing collection use colors named after different aspects from Persona 4 Golden like Kuma White, Inaba Grey, and Fsteak Yellow – the most humorously. The collection also features a tracksuit jacket identical to the one that was worn by Chie Satonaka, a Junes Department Store-branded tote bag, and a t-shirt emblazoned with the infamous Mega Beef Bowl Challenge.

In addition to Persona 4 Golden, Insert Coin have a lot of other collections of merchandise that are based on a variety of games, including a jackets line based on the Yakuza series of Sega. The collections of the clothing retailer from Britain are official, having been signed off by the games’ publishers and developers represented. They can also be shipped all around the world.

Atlus seems to be acting on the renewed interest in Persona 4 Golden after being released on PC after years when the PlayStation Vita was the only platform that the game was available on. Since the cult JRPG is often renowned for its art style, it makes sense that it would well translate to the world of fashion.

With how successful the Persona 4 Golden port has been, Sega and Atlus are expected to go on porting classics from their extensive library of games. From there, more clothing collections such as Insert Coin’s may become available for fans to represent and enjoy.

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