Panda video game shirt

October 12, 2019

Big eyes, big head, chubby body, waddling gait, just eating and sleeping, extremely mischievous … are the outstanding features when referring to this panda family. And it seems, in terms of use, they are classified as “useless” for humans. If you are a panda fan, you don’t miss this video game shirt.

Earlier this September, the International Committee for the Conservation of Natural Creatures was delighted to announce that they have removed pandas from the list of endangered animals, now they are in the ” at risk of being threatened with quantity “only.

Pandas were previously listed in the Red List and are endangered animals, fortunately for the past 10 years, thanks to the efforts of nature conservation departments, the number of pandas living in naturally in China has increased by 17%.

Although the adult panda is very large in size, the newborn panda is extremely small, the average weight of a newborn is only about 99g, which is lighter than the mobile phones. We are using everyday. When born, the whole body is pink and pale white fur, completely unlike the shape of a panda.

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Baby pandas spend up to 12 hours a day sleeping, just like most weak premature mammals (it takes a while to start standing and walking), sleeping helps the baby panda Fast growing and growing better.

Not 100% panda’s food is a panda, when in the wild they also eat fish, flowers, weeds, tubers and roots, even birds and rodents. Raccoons also eat honey, bananas, and fruit if they can be found. However, bamboo is still the food that pandas like most, it is the fastest carpentry tree in the world, after every 24 hours they can reach as high as 1,2m.

Raccoons also know how to climb trees and climb very well, but usually only baby or female pandas in the mating period are interested in climbing trees, while adult male pandas prefer to go underground. For each birth, the mother panda gives birth to 1-2 offspring, the fastest every 2 years. Baby cubs will live with their mother for about 1.5 years, when grown up, they will live separately with the flock, no longer relying on the mother.

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