PAC-Man is a classic iconic game first developed by Namco and released in 1980. At the time PAC man was a revolutionary game, as it was unlike any other game at the time. Most of the popular games were space shooter type games such as Space Invaders and Astroids. The other type of games that were popular were Pong and derivatives of that type of game.

PAC man succeeded in creating a whole new genre. PAC man was so successful it became a popular cultral icon of the eighties. The charactor has featured in over 30 games and of course there have been numerous other spin offs as well.


Interesting Facts About PAC-Man


  • The original name for PAC-Man was Puck-Man.
  • Pac-Man’s shape emerged after Iwatani removed one slice from a pizza.
  • Illustrators made Pac-Man yellow because the color is perceived as neutral and peacefu
  • The ghosts—Pinky, Blinky, Inky and Clyde—were called monsters.
  • There is 255 levels to complete in the original PAC-Man, there does exist a 256 level but to due to a software glitch that level is impossible to complete.
  • PAC-Man is the most successful coin-operated arcade game ever.


Now, enough of the foreplay, what you are really here for? That is right, PAC-Man video game shirts. Because the image is so iconic, everyone loves wearing a PAC-Man shirt.

Because PAC-Man is so successful, there is a lot of merchandise out there. There so are many PAC-Man video game shirts available and I will be honest I am not a fan of a lot them, below are three of my favourite shirts and obviously it includes the ubiquitous level 1 shirt we all have come to love. All the shirts are screen printed on 100% cotton.


Pac-Man Japanese T Shirt

 This Pac Man t shirt features an image of Pac Man on his way to eating the classic cherry bonus. Also has the Japanese Pac Man logo above. This is a black 100% cotton Pac Man Tshirt.


PAC Man Gold Foil T Shirt

The simple iconic image of PAC man in distressed gold foil. A simple t shirt with a twist.


PAC-Man Level 1 T Shirt

The original and best PAC-Man T shirt


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