Games take our head out of real-life stressful situations, and it relaxes our anxious little minds by giving us a break from pressing responsibilities – they’re fun and pure enjoyment. It’s even probably what we need to ease up a little and unwind.

We love the entertainment, the gameplay, and the overall gaming experience. Admit it or not, but sometimes we’re even moved by the storylines and character developments. Some of us even develop a fondness for particular characters that others are happy to do cosplay on their favorite anime or game personas while some especially zealous fans and hardcore gamers, they’d feel proud wearing their best-loved game titles proudly on their shirts as if like a badge of honor.

Fashion and video games could be a somewhat an unlikely pairing but now that the gaming community has transitioned from a subculture into mainstream media, we see more businesses tapping in on its potential and it’s likely to be the case for the coming years, especially if you have a growing market of gamers and enthusiasts. In fact, in 2019, GamingScan estimated that there are approximately 15 million daily active Twitch users with an average time spent of 95 minutes a day.

The problem was though is that several years back, donning a full-on costume of your favorite in-game characters were not considered fashionable to the public eye, especially not on a regular day unless perhaps you’re wearing it in the anime capital of the world–Japan. Today though, we see it changing with some big-name fashion houses who have turned to tap on the potential of the gaming culture by joining, partnering and creating collaborations with game producers and developers and producing merchandise for popular video game titles. And so far we’ve seen Uniqlo do that with their UT graphic tees that have featured Pac Man, Pokemon, Super Mario, and Street Fighter among others.

Now if you’re an avid fan for anything game-inspired, there are more and more clothing brands that delivery high-quality garments and sleek style while paying homage to your well-loved video game titles.

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