8. Ralph Lauren

This is also one of the famous men’s t-shirt brand, the name of the brand takes the name of the founder Ralph Lauren.

The distinctive feature of the Ralph Lauren T-shirt that you can easily recognize is the Polo player symbol printed on the left chest. Shirt often has quiet colors, sharp lines, suitable for elegant gentlemen.

9. Paul Stuart

Founded by Ralph Ostrove in 1938, the famous men’s t-shirt brand Paul Stuart is not only based in New York but also extends to both Chicago and Japan, becoming one of the most popular fashion brands. Popularity.

Currently, one of the store’s best-selling designs is a plaid t-shirt for men. Paul Stuart Men’s T-shirt is very popular with customers because of its simple design and stylish colors.

10. Vineyard Vines

Co-founders of the famous fashion brand Vineyard Vines are brothers Shep and Murray. This is also one of the famous male T-shirt brands, which is popular among men today.

Like many other fashion brands, Vineyard started in 1988 at Marthas Vinyard with the first designs were ties. Vineyars Vines was later invaded into the t-shirt fashion market with collared men’s t-shirts with the logo of a whale on the chest.

Vineyard Vines Men’s T-shirts make a style by the masculine and elegant features in each product line. The shirt is delicately designed to the stitching.

In addition to the product line of ties, T-shirts, Vineyard Vines also offers other product lines such as belts, hats, shorts or bags, diverse for all ages from adults to children.

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11. Brooks Brothers

Since the 18th of the nineteenth century, Brooks Brothers has been in New York. Over the past two centuries, this has become the earliest fashion brand in the history of fashion industry in the US.

The turning point of this fashion brand must be from 1859, when Brooks Brothers launched Ready To Wear product line to leave a deep impression in the garment industry.

Brooks Brothers products always contain innovation and breakthrough in design. That is probably why even over 200 years after its inception, this is still classified as one of the most famous men’s T-shirt brands in the world.

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