4. Adidas

Needless to say, Adidas has become a monument that is difficult to replace in today’s sports fashion world. This is also one of the famous male T-shirt brand that is popular with men.

Adidas is associated with the striking 3 stripes logo. The product lines of this brand including men’s t-shirts are very stylish and very dynamic.

Adidas men’s t-shirts are usually coordinated from the basic colors, textures are not too picky, create an impression of a dynamic and healthy personality. The shirt is designed in a downward shape, with a basic round neck, extremely good sweat-absorbing material, creating a very comfortable feeling for the wearer.

5. Levis

The Levis fashion brand was founded by Levi Strauss – a Jewish-German businessman.

Known as an extremely famous jeans brand. Along with that, Levis also appears in many other famous product lines that are not as inferior as sports shoes, belts. Men’s T-shirts are also one of the strengths of Levis which are popular with fashion followers all over the world nowadays.

6. Tommy

If you mention the famous male fashion brand, it is impossible not to mention Tommy. Tommy Hilfiger is one of the icons of American fashion, especially in the 90s of the XX century.

The Tommy brand identity logo is inspired by the colors of the American flag, minimalist stylized in a rectangular logo. Tommy men’s t-shirts are heavily influenced by classic American fashion style, targeting customers in the 25-40 range.

The outstanding feature of this product line is high-quality fabric, high-gloss, no lags, no lumps during washing. Tommy is famous for polo shirts made from 100% cotton with high absorbency, creating a light and airy feeling for the wearer.

7. H&M

This is one of the Swedish fashion brands known around the world.

Targeting the popular group, the H&M brand has been present in 58 markets with a total of 3610 stores, most of which are concentrated in Germany.

H&M Men’s T-shirt is one of the international fashion brands that are very popular for its high quality, durability, good form retention, verified by many developed countries. H&M Men is one of the main product lines of this company.

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