T-shirts have long been one of the indispensable costumes in the closet of men. Simple, easy to coordinate, the T-shirts from many different brands have contributed to the elegance, elegance and health of men.

If you are wondering, do not know what kind of T-shirt to choose, let’s immediately refer to our article below to check out the famous male T-shirt brands, which are storming the market today.

1. Gucci

Born in 1921 in Florence in Italy, Gucci is world-renowned for its designs of jewelry, leather bags, watches, the lines exude sophistication, elegance and health.

No longer a high-end fashion brand exclusively for women, Gucci has recently launched a line of men’s Polo shirts that is popular with customers. The company’s Monogram symbol on the body of the product has become Gucci’s unique logo.

Gucci T-shirts have basic colors, simple design but the price can be up to tens of million for a product. Even so, it is still sought after by fashionistas around the world.

2. Lacoste

Over time, this is considered the most famous brand of men’s t-shirts in the world today. Lacoste has been on the market since 1933 by its two founders, Rene Lacoste and Andre Gillier.

The easily identifiable feature of Laucoste men’s t-shirts is the Logo with the green crocodile on the left breast.

Explaining this interesting symbol, some people think that it originated from the founder of this brand, Lacoste on the football field, making people think of the image of crocodile because of its personality. your.

Lacoste men’s t-shirts are manufactured based on 100% cotton, in addition to some secret materials to create Lacoste product lines with their own characteristics.

Button buttons are neatly designed on a small ledge; the sleeves are not too wide but not too small; Besides, there are also many colors for you guys to choose.

3. Nike

Nike seems to have become a familiar brand, famous throughout the fashion world.

Going against the sophisticated pattern design of the T-shirt line on the market today, Nike perseveres in pursuing a simple and dynamic fashion style. The design of Nike men’s t-shirts is characterized by a round neck, short sleeves, good elasticity, very comfortable during exercises.

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