I am starting a new series of articles, highlighting some of the smaller t shirts brands that sell video game shirts. The company Cuppa-T was brought to my attention a few months ago. A New Zealand brand based in Auckland.

Cuppa-T started as a conceptual brand. It was defined as a light heard back story of brand determined to raise awareness of a future robot uprising through propaganda t shirts, which explains the communist military styling and the raised robot fist logo. Now the range has expanded to all things Sci-Fi.

The majority of the t shirts were designed by the owner Tony Graystone and the t shirt reviewed today is the Light Gun T Shirt.
The light gun t shirt gives the illusion the wearer has two arcade light guns tucked into the pockets, one red and one blue, this is a great simple design that works well as a t shirt. Now there really is something in your pocket!

The light guns were originally inspired by the Sega Saturn game ‘Virtua Cop’. The light guns design has been generalised to represent other classic games in the genre such as Point Blank, Time Crisis and Duck Hunt.  

I really like the simplicity of this design, giving the illusion there is a light each in each pocket. A great design, that works well and could be a little eye catching as it could be a little bit different from the normal branded video game shirts out there on the market.


Printed on high quality American Apparel 180gsm combed cotton t shirts.


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