Level-up video game shirt

October 23, 2019

The first thing is to choose a topic for the level. You need to determine the level’s theme to easily create other logical situations, topics like in a forest, in a snowy area, in a volcano… Is this video game shirt too special for you?

Or you can create something more creative such as an area full of giant candy, in a laboratory area. The experience of a mad scientist or in a maze …. Discuss with everyone in the group to find a topic for the level.

Throughout this article the term “item” is used to refer to the item in the list. These items include not only in-game items but also events, enemies, and in-game mechanics.

Draw a very rough layout on the whole level. The layout should clearly indicate the path that the player will go from start to finish. Think of this as designing the roads of a city, but without buildings.

You may need to draw several layouts before you can choose one you like. Players will need to find each item somewhere in the level. They can also find many items in the same area. Make rough sketches of each area in which players will be able to find specific items in the list you’ve composed.

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You should put as many general items in the level as you can. If you can’t put in all, you can put the remaining common items when you build a level using a level editor.

When you place items, keep in mind the path the player will go through the level. Some items may need to be placed in a specific order, such as a weapon placed somewhere before the player meets the first enemy.

Use symbols to identify different objects in the level, for example, E for ‘enemies, P for’ Power-ups’, and K for ‘keys’ … You can note Always in the sketch.

You need to clearly distinguish between spaces in a sketch. The white spaces in the outline are areas where the player can move inside, and the spaces with diagonal lines are things like floors, walls, and ground. Move or go there.

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