Who loves the adventures of fighting against bad guys with lovely mysterious creatures like Kirby can not miss this opportunity, Kirby Star Allies version: The return of the lovely pink warrior will not disappoint you developed by Nintedo, which was released on June 16 this year. Currently the video game shirt has sold more than 1.85 million copies in June. Coming to this new version, you can invite up to 3 of your friends to join and become Kirby’s friends. So what are you afraid of wearing such a cute ‘Kirby Group’ video game shirt?

To make it easier to attract the focus of users, as well as in part because this game is aimed at children who play the main game, Kirby Star Allies game mode is quite easy, sometimes causing your boredom. Be a lover of higher challenges.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho 'Kirby Group' video game shirt

However, Kirby Star Allies – a new version of the Kirby series – is still one of the most highly regarded and remarkable titles. The game is added by the publisher with Kirby’s new moves to defeat baddie, Kirby can copy their abilities or turn some enemies into his Friends.


At a planet Jambastion far away from Kirby’s home there exists a black crystal heart that exploded by the influence of a mysterious ritual, turning it into hundreds of different fragments falling into the dark cosmic space It is called Jamba Hearts. Several characters in the game, including Meta Knight and King Dedede, were also assassinated while investigating and searching for debris falling on Popstar’s land. Incidentally, another heart hit Kirby, giving him new powers that would make the most ruthless, ruthless enemies more loving and peaceful than his friends with only the owls. throw heart at the opponent.

After seeing the Wabble Dees bring food to Dedede Castle, Kirby has a doubt and decides to investigate. After helping King Dedede and Meta Knight escape Jamba Hearts’s influence and defeating the Wind, Fire and Power generals, Kirby and his friends fly to Jambastion … Another adventure begins.

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