I always wonder how to start these articles. Do I start with the obvious and state that Battlefield 3 is a 1st person shooter and published by Electronic Arts.

Well this article is all about Battkrfield 3 shirts, so I am not going to talk about the background of the game. So I thought I might include some facts you may or may not know about the game.

Did you know?

  • Andy Mcnab penned a tie in novel called Battlefield 3: The Russian.
  • Andy Mcnab served as consultant on military tactics for the game.
  • Battlefield 3 at time of launch was the most successful launch in EA’s history.
  • During the game, getting two of the engineers to weld themselves to each other with blow torches will ensure a hilarious animation to occur,

Now let’s get back to the subject in hand that is Battlefield 3 shirts. When putting together this editorial there are a lot of shirts available as us the case with any big selling franchise. I have looked at both official licensed shirts to independently designed shirts that have taken battlefield 3 as it’s inspiration.

Are you ready? No really are you ready? Only joking, here is my top 7 Battlefield 3 shirts.

Battlefield 3 Shadow Black Shirt

Battlefield 3 Shirt

A great shirt from the designer tomashawk thomas. This is a very striking design and would look good on anyone. 

Soldier Zoom Shirt

Another great image from Battlefield 3 game.

Battlefield 3 Flagship Military Shirt

I really like this design. A great addition.

Battlefield 3 Streaks Premium T-Shirt

This is a subtle t shirt featuring the light streaks from cover game art.  A very simple but effective  shirt.

Battlefield 3 Till Death Premium T Shirt
This shirt has the classic Till death do us part dogtag
Battlefield 3 Logo T Shirt
A clean simple shirt with the logo, 
I hope you enjoyed my list of Battlefield 3 shirts, please let me know what you think of any of these shirts. I better get back to the game.

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