Established in 2010, Insert Coin is a company focusing on creating apparel related to video games. From the company’s official website, you can find t-shirts, jackets, and hoodies from games such as DOOM, Metal Gear Solid, Wolfenstein, Bloodborne, and the aforementioned Yakuza.

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The wonder and charm of Horizon: Zero Dawn took the PlayStation 4 by storm in 2017. We are now anticipating the arrival of the PC version next month and the sequel next year. The series has that setting of so-far-in-the-future-it’s-primitive, mixing elements such as hunting bows and tribes with big mechanical creatures. The blend of ancient and technologically advanced styles inspired several clothing items made by Insert Coin. If you want to wear fur, pelts, and feathers like Aloy, you can find similarities to her clothes.

Horizon: Forbidden West Merch

Insert Coin has produced three different items inspired by the Horizon series; a jacket, a beanie, and a t-shirt, which has a simple horizontal striped pattern but has a chibi-style Tremortusk that is embroidered on the left breast. The beanie is pretty cool. It is a copper color, like Aloy’s hair, and has a Focus pinned to the side. Although it might not be wearable like a Bluetooth headset, it is a neat addition to the hat. The jacket is called Aloy 2.0. The beanie costs £27.99. It is a colored copper-like, corduroy jacket, with a polyester-lined collar. The front has a Seeker logo on it while the back has another symbol to Horizon fans. The jacket costs £84.99 and has two side-pockets and two buttoned breast-pockets.

Insert Coin has a large number of popular officially licensed video game merchandise, so their products are really well worth your coin. These three Horizon items can now be pre-ordered and will be shipped sometime in August, so you will be able to wear them while playing Horizon: Zero Dawn on PC. Horizon: Zero Dawn is out now for PS4 and will come to PC on August 7th, and Horizon: Forbidden West will debut on PS5 next year.

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