Now that dude, the prince, son of big ears. You think that is disrespectful? I hope not. Prince William is his name. Now I turn on the news and I see that he is getting married. Now a royal wedding is big news in the UK. All the country stops and it is a national holiday, well it is when one of the ‘main royals’ is getting married.

Now if you have not read my title, I bet you are wondering what that has got to do with video game shirts. What if? And this is only a what if? Prince William decided to get married wearing a video game shirt, which one would it be?

Now I bet you all have your opinions, but I am going to give mine. I personally think it is Grand Theft Auto, I can’t see him playing any of the war games. I think that’s too close to home for him. I think to let his hair down (what is left of it anyway) he likes to play Grand Theft Auto and I think he should be wearing a Grand Theft Auto shirt when he gets married to Kate Middleton. I think he secretly wishes he could go out mug a few people and then pimp out some hoes before getting back to the palace after a hard day’s pimping.

Now I bet you are thinking this is a convoluted way to get some Grand Theft Auto video game shirts on this site. No, Prince William is news and the name of the game when blogging is to attach your interests to what is newsworthy. I personally think Prince William would look good in a GTA shirt and I am betting Kate would love it as well.

GTA has been one of the more controversial games that has been released. There are no surprises there since we all know what the content of the game is. But some of the shirts are great, very good quality with great imagery that captures what the game is all about.

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