It could be Sony’s Killzone 2 player, maybe Millionaire on Facebook, or it could be a 3D pinball built right in Windows. These games are all part of the big game world.

Over the years, the experiences and passions we have experienced will be a measure of a gamer. Don’t hesitate to shop for a “Hardcode gamer” video game shirt like yours.

Nowadays, when developers develop to launch games with relative difficulty to attract players, but not because of that “hardcore” number of gamers is reduced. In fact, hardcore passion has gone on these gamers and goes beyond the limits of the consoles. More generally, their passion comes from within, not only because they love to play games but also love the ideas in the game.

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In the past decade or so, the appearance of game players because of infatuation has become increasingly crowded. Specifically, they have become one of only two concepts for game players, which are casual players and hardcore gamers.

This difference is also reflected in the game genre, the time to complete the game, the passion, the emotion, the experience. Gamer hardcore also finds it interesting to explore, want to understand the whole game in the game, want to find out the game screen, views, other aspects of the story.

It would be a mistake to think that these passionate players only appeared. The fact that hardcore gamers have a relatively long history. Back in the past, nearly 40 years ago was the throne of arcade games. Games that are now considered classic such as Pac-Man, Tetris, Donkey Kong or Centipede are then in the game world. People who play this game often identify themselves as hardcore gamers.

Today, the times have changed a lot, a small number of Call of Duty or Halo players also consider themselves professional players. This leads to a confusing problem: What is a true hardcore gamer?

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