It is a 3rd person shooter game, focusing on Delta Squad, on the planet Sera to save the human population from the mysterious enemy, the Locust Horde. It can be played on your own as Mrcus Fenix or with a partner, but comes into its own in various online modes playing up to eight players.

The game so far has spawned one sequel with another currently in development at this time of writing, imaginatively titled Gears of War 2 Gears of War – Macho Video Game Shirts? and Gears of War 3 Gears of War – Macho Video Game Shirts? . The Gears of War games that have been released thus far have won numerous awards and have been well received by critics.

The Gears of War franchise is getting bigger and bigger, with fans eagerly awaiting the release of the third game to get a further Gears Of War fix.

As well as another game in the franchise, the trend of creating movies from video games continues as there is now a Gears of War movie currently in development, this project is currently starting from scratch again as the director has left the project.

These types of games are massively popular and have spawned a number of successful merchandise spin offs. The imagery from these games lends itself particularly well to t shirts as they have a number of cool Gears of War T shirts out there for sale.

Now I know most of the Gears of War t shirts on sale are geared (no pun intended) towards the male market with the macho imagery of soldiers carrying weapons  but these shirts show that video game shirts are not just the domain of the gawky teenager or the 40 year old virgin and can be worn by anyone.

 I have just thought of something, these t shirts with their uber macho imagery may appeal to the gay market as well.

Don’t let that put you off or it may inspire you, whatever your persuasion is. The point that I am making is that these video game shirts look cool for anyone to wear. As long as you don’t wear them ALL the time and become known as that “video shirt guy”

Gears Of War 2 Marching Video Game T-Shirt Gears of War – Macho Video Game Shirts?


Gears of War 2 Marching Men’s T-Shirt Gears of War – Macho Video Game Shirts?

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