Video gamers have access to a variety of branded t-shirt allowing them to wear and be identified with some of the most popular gaming characters such as the Mario brothers, Luigi and Mario.


At a cost of US$20, this, t-shirts is enjoyable while it is understated in an old-fashioned way, this one’s not visibly a video game shirt to the inexpert eye. Well, apart from Mario and Luigi being there in the top left, but at least they’re not bright red and bright green like they usually are. Most certainly one where it only sinks in what it is on that oh-so-important second glance.

A Simple Plan

Priced at US$12 in the holiday sale right now. As a basic rule of thumb, Space Invaders shirts are always awesome. Sure, there are several of them out there that overdo things a bit, but this one is nicely designed, plus it’s a little bit funny.


By spending US$20, we acknowledge that this one is a little bit nerdy, but it’s retro nerdy so that’s totally cool, no one is going to argue so if you wear it you’ll be totally cool too. Plus, given recent events, you can use it as a great conversation starter. “Of course, I played Super Mario Bros. in its most original form, and then it was a vastly superior experience to New Super Mario Bros. Wii.”


For only US$20, it’s a Triforce shirt that is made up of hundreds of little Triforces. We thought it was as neat as it gets. It’s worth noting that 80stees are currently only carrying adult small, XL and 2XL sizes of this shirt. But would the size really matter it is a Triforce and a must have t-shirt.


This one got a little bit of everything and are available at US$20. It’s got sprites, it’s got line art of the cartridge, it’s got a variety of pieces of Link artwork, it’s got Triforces, which are always awesome as well as cool, as has already been established and it’s all tastefully arranged in such a way that at first glance … it’s not obviously a game shirt. Mission accomplished.

Triforce Explosion

The Triforce just works on a t-shirt, and it works well. Who dares to argue as the price tag is only US$16.95? Especially when it’s presented in such a nicely understated way. Obviously, the beanie is an optional accessory and if you love Triforce an absolute must-have item.

Family Tree T-Shirt

A little dorky, a lot of fun, simply striking and maybe just maybe, it is also super amazing, still, it’s dorky in the coolest possible way. Knowing your Nintendo history is always important, and what better way to spend, just US $19.97 and at the same time to educate those around you than in t-shirt form?

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