If you an avid gamer, playing that new game all day and all night. Not had a bath in days. You smell that bad the fish in your tank are dead after coming within 10 metres of it. You think have tomatoe ketchup is one of your five fruits and vegetables a day. Then you might relate to the Gaming Lifestyle T-shirt.

How many times have you been on a marathon gaming session, determined to complete that game or just to get further, we all have been there (well anyone who has been into gaming at one time or another), then the Gaming Lifestyle T-shirt may show the various stages of some your gaming sessions.

Remember if this shirt reminds you of your life, you are heading towards becoming that 40 year old virgin. That is if you are not there already.

This is a great t shirt with a fantastic message. But take care if this is what you do on a regular basis.

This has been a public health warning on behalf of potential 40 year old virgins everywhere.

Gaming Lifestyle T-Shirt

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