Over the years, the experiences and passions we have experienced will be a measure of a “gamer.”¬†Nowadays, when developers develop to launch games with relative difficulty to attract players, but not because of that “hardcore” number of gamers is reduced.

In fact, hardcore passion has penetrated of these gamers and goes beyond the limits of consoles. More generally, their passion comes from within, not only because they love to play games but also love the ideas in the game. Morever, they began to appear on video game shirt.

In the past decade or so, the appearance of “players” because of the infatuation has become increasingly crowded. Specifically, they have become one of only two concepts for game players, which are casual players and hardcore gamers.

This difference is also reflected in the game genre, the time to complete the game, the passion, the emotion, the experience. Gamer hardcore also finds it interesting to explore, want to understand the whole game in the game, want to find out the gameplay, the views, other aspects of the story …

Anyone can go online and learn about game information and review articles. Even for people who are not used to computers, they can be whispered with the latest news about the game. Any game player can have lists of “games to play” formed from the information they screened in the past.

However, to call them hardcore gamers is a bit too much. Because, they only come to the game as a fun time, find satisfaction in a moment, not immerse into the game world. That doesn’t mean anyone who plays less is an amateur, doesn’t mean anyone who plays games all day is called a hardcore gamer.

A true hardcore gamer needs a strong passion, not just playing over and over again to kill time. If you really like games, care about game news and just consider it a means of entertainment, then you’re a genuine “hardcore gamer”.

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