Now when first writing for this site, I was thinking about the categories of video game shirts out there. There are lots of different types of video game shirts, Retro, Funny, Graphic but one type of shirt that I have not covered until now is the Game Over Shirt. This shirt is possibly my least favourite type of video game shirts, it basically depicts the end screen of a game or an artistic variation of it.

The  term game over has now moved into mainstream vocabulary. The game over shirt have also moved into other categories that are not related to the video games such as the bride and groom game over shirt

Game Over Black T-Shirt Funny Dark T-Shirt by CafePress Game Over Video Game Shirts

Now the reason I don’t find these shirts particularly appealing is that I don’t want to celebrate the end of a game, this is not the screen that appears if you have completed the game. This is the game prematurely ending due to not having the skill to be finish the game.This is never a pleasant feeling no matter what game you are playing. Video games, card games or those played online like PartyPoker all make the player rather competitive and the aim is never to lose and have the game end too soon. I don’t know about you but I don’t want to remember when I am premature at most things!

Due to some fantastic t shirt designers out there, now there are some great game over shirt designs that I think are great. This little niche within the video game shirts industry is now tremendously popular. There are so many variations of these shirts now, and because of this, there are some game over shirts that I don’t even think the most hardened of geek without an ounce of fashion sense would wear. I have listed two shirts that I have recently found that are great examples of game over shirts.

Nintendo Game Over Purple Poison Mushroom Black T-Shirt @ amazon Game Over Video Game Shirts

GAME OVER Skull Dark T-Shirt by CafePress Game Over Video Game Shirts

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