Are the wearers of these shirts stuck in puberty even though they are in their thirties, forties or worse still their fifties.

These shirts are mainly worn by nerds with the social graces of a pig. If you are a grown male in one of these shirts you belong to certain demographic. There was a film made regarding this demographic, any ideas.

That’s right The 40 year old virgin.

Funny video game shirts are not funny, its not art and it should only be worn by pre pubesecent kids. Funny video game shirts were once popular and a I wouldn’t say trendy but were worn by a lot of people.

Now if you are having problems attracting the opposite sex, then these shirts must be the first to go from your wardrobe, along with the novelty ties and socks.

Look at the example below, it is funny…. for a few minutes, then the message gets a bit tiresome.

There is one exception to this rule, when purchasing a funny video game shirt that is actually quite trendy.

The shirts that I am talking about are the video game shirts in a foreign language particulary the Japanese video game shirts. As these shirts carry a certain kudos when worn, and are trendy, it does not matter if you are wearing a funny video game shirt in Japanese.

So why do middle age men still wear these kinds of shirts?

A lot of middle age men wear these shirts as habit as these shirts are something that they are familiar and have worn from a young age, they have never seen it as an issue wearing the shirts then and they don’t see it as an issue now. However what they fail to grasp is the concept that certain things you grow out of from adolescent.

Some people wear these type of shirts as a sense of pride rebellion against the norms of society. I personally believe there are better ways to make a statement.

Now if you feel these types of shirts are ‘your thing’ then ignore all of the above but if you are always dateless on a Friday night, then it could be that you are stuck in adolescent and need a major change from funny video game shirts.

Another example of a “funny” video game shirt

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