There is nothing better than a funny video game t-shirt to tap into your inner nerd. That is especially true for those who love gaming and enjoy t-shirts based on their favourite games or characters. One of the easiest ways to find a gaming t-shirt is the internet and there are some wonderful sites offering a fabulous selection of designs.

Many of those are pre-made but others can be customised. However, it you are as I am, tapping into that creativity may not be your thing. Whether you prefer PS4 or Xbox, the list of gaming t-shirts is endless. With that in mind, we have gone to great lengths to find some of the best places to find the right gamer t-shirt for you. Here are our fav’s, why not take a look and enjoy.

1. Video Games Took Over My Life

This shirt is a Twisted Envy and Zelda. It incorporates the classic Nintendo health hearts and reads “Video games took over my life. The t-shirt is offered in white or black and of course, various sizes.

2. Video Games Don’t Make Us Violent. Lag Does

Something Geeky offers this one and is a shot to those that believe video games creates violence. It is a claim that most of those who enjoy violent games defend against. The humorous side to it is the “lag Does” as it suggests that is it lag that creates violence as a result of frustration felt from lag. It is offered in a wide range of colours from royal blue to orange, cherry ref and dark chocolate.

3. 8-Bit Zelda Link T-Shirt

The 8-Bit Zelda Link is another one giving a nod to Zelda, and like many who love the franchise, they will own more than one. This design offers a link front and centre that says “hey, I’m a retro gamer.” It is a cool design that works well with shorts or jeans and is offered in multiple sizes.

6. Men’s Arcade Evolution Video Game T-Shirt

The evolution t-shirts have been seen many times, but never seem to get old. While it is not an original idea, it is still a great design if you are one who played arcade games in arcades around the country. A fav past time for many and still remains a cool way to blow off a few hours.

4. ‘It’s On Like’ Donkey Kong Shirt

Donkey Kong fanatics will lose this t-shirt from Shirtmandude, He is the same one who made the Men’s Arcade Evolution Video Game T-Shirt. This one is just as cool and includes a Donkey Kong picture with the caption “it’s on like”. The design is professional and at a mere cost of $15, very affordable.

5. Contra Cheat Code T-Shirt

The Contra Cheat Code t-shirt is a classic and is a nod to those old cheat codes you would spend hours investigating on forums. One of those codes most memorable was Contra as it gave you an extra 30 lines when entering it at the title menu. Old-timers will get the message and share in the joke.

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