The social distancing due to the spread of coronavirus has led many of us to dabble in video games. Recently, Nintendo’s Switch console has sold out at almost all retailers in the United States. One of the games that have become widely popular is Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

It is an online community where players can create their own islands and characters. Stucking at home all day, fashion enthusiasts have boasted their self-designed fits using the Pro Designs function, spotted on new account Animal Crossing Fashion Archive on Instagram.

The handle has already gathered over 4,000 followers for just a couple weeks. From street-ready fits with the likes of Stussy, Junya Watanabe, Carhartt, and Supreme, to runway ensembles from Dior or Chanel, players can find some of the currently hottest fashion pieces to dress on animated avatars.

Many players have used the game as a way to spend time by virtually interacting in various ways. The game really highlights connection since it can help users to catch up with friends that they haven’t seen in a while through virtual island visits. One of the ways to connect with friends through the game is to share customized outfits, which can help you to have so much fun seeing a fashion piece, take a closer look at what makes it special as well as translate it into a digital blob. Moreover, it is free to see your animated avatars wear things you can’t afford to buy with real money.

It also receives submissions from members of Animal Crossing to share their creativity and enjoy that to lighten up their days in quarantine. Players have been playing around with outfits and some have even created Louis Vuitton-branded space. Artists have also set up virtual exhibitions to highlight their work.

The process might seem daunting at first but Animal Crossing can serve as a platform for all players to express themselves on their customized spaces.

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