Now, in addition to heavy weapons such as rifles, sniper rifles … we have more excellent weapons for sneaky missions, or simply to show rank – Bow. They also become a unique choice on video game shirts. Have you noticed that, in action games like Far Cry 3, Far Cry 4 and Tomb Raider, the latest version, besides the heavy weapons branded action games, is there a bow?

For those who like to shoot and kill, guns are the best choice because of their mobility, quick sweeping, but for those who want to experience new sensations, with higher difficulty, bow and arrow are the ultimate weapons. With a mediocre bow, but if you know how to use and correct, then you can do unthinkable, even voyeuristic. In The Last of Us, it’s a great weapon when you upgrade to the maximum. Believe me, if you want to try something new, shoot a tactical and harder shot, instead of using rude guns, use a bow and arrow, it certainly won’t disappoint you.

So, what makes bows and arrows become such a great weapon? Because although it is designed simply, not picky like guns, in return for stealth missions, you may have to defeat the enemy in the most gentle and quiet way without causing any noise. In addition, to use it correctly requires you to have skills, judgmental situations.

For common weapons such as pistols, rifles, sniper rifles, even children who play games, they know how to defeat enemies. The bow and arrow are different, imagine you are a hunter and your opponent is a prey, you need to choose the right position, raise the bow, name it, watch the shot and enjoy the result. However, make sure you have relative skills to use this weapon. Because if you miss, the enemy will probably run away or alarm, then you will have a lot of trouble in the intrusion. Although there are many principles, but it is more interesting than common guns, right?

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