Japanese ninjas always carry many mysteries. Hired by samurai warriors for reconnaissance, sabotage, or assassination missions, the ninja in black suits only exposed sharp eyes, they were almost invisible in the dark until suddenly attacking the enemy.

What’s more interesting when the ninja logo is appeared on your video game shirt!

Ninja is the name given to individuals or mercenaries who specialize in secret operations that existed in Japanese history of the unorthodox war of art from the Kamakura period to the Edo period. Ninja functions include spying, sabotage, infiltration, assassination, and even participation in assaulting the enemy in certain circumstances. Ninjas, unlike samurai who have strict rules of honor and combat, often tend to unconventional and secret tricks.

Using weapons that are shuriken, a sharp star-shaped dart and fukiya bellows, the ninja kill the target without making a sound. Ninja is also skilled swordsman. They use weapons not only to kill people but also to climb walls and sneak into a castle to watch the enemy.

Most of the mission of the ring is very secret, so there are very few official documents to record their activities. Tools and skills are only passed on to the next generation verbally. That inspired filmmakers, novelists or comic book artists to weave many magical ninja stories.


Many films describe ninja as superheroes that can run on water or disappear in the blink of an eye. While in fact they are just ordinary people and have skilled fighting skills through hard training. Ninja can move on water, but can be supported by mysterious tools such as buoys.

Kawakami inherited the family’s secrets when he was only 18 years old. These skills are often passed down from father to son, but some young ninja are inherited from the clan. There are at least 49 such secrets, but currently the Koka family can only keep 2 of the most famous books.

This is because this family used to work for the powerful feudal lord Leyasu Tokugawa, who unified Japan after centuries of civil war. A number of official documents during the Tokugawa era, also known as Edo, contain brief notes on ninja activities.

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