Social media shirts are a growing trend, with more and more t shirts being designed and sold all over the world. It is now an emerging niche with some innovative and funny designs.

With the plethora of Web 2.0 (another posh word for social media sites), it was only a matter of time before talented t shirt designers have turned their attentions to social media t shirts.

Now I want to be honest, some and I do mean some of these social media shirts are really my cup of tea (that is a quaint British saying) or not my bag. What I am trying to say I think a few of them are a bit pathetic and I would be embarrassed to wear them. I know a lot of the nerds, will love them as it means some of their popular sayings they are using with each other is now getting ‘mainstream’. Or that 40 year old virgin will be wearing them as he thinks he might be looking good in one of them. For example, the shirt with only the twitter logo on it. That blue bird.

Now because these sites are now so main-stream, a lot of users of social media sites are not the normal regulars Internet Surfers, but are the type of people who want to connect and share information with friends and family. These people tend to be the ones that are normally scared of technology. These are the same type of people who are now buying these shirts, not just middle age nerds or geeky teenagers. Web 2.0 sites are now trendy, and since everyone is now talking about sites such as FaceBook and Twitter.

There have been some interesting designs that have been released that are a play on social media vernacular and some great imagery that makes these shirts look unique and a must for any self- respecting lover of t shirts.

I used to think the social media t shirts were too nerdy, but like most nerds, they get in on the next big thing, way before it becomes big. Basically these shirts are not nerdy but very trendy.

Here are a couple of examples below of some of my favourite social media shirts.


Say Tweet Again T shirt @

Not Online T-Shirt @ Cafepress Are Web 2.0 Shirts The Next Big Thing For Lovers Of Video Game Shirts

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