This week sees the release of the final Harry Potter story, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows All Things Harry Potter and Video Game Shirts

If you have been living under a rock, or just come back from the lunatic asylum or even come down off the drugs you are on, you would not have missed the fact the world has gone Harry Potter crazy, with the release of the film, the video game tie in and now of the merchandise and what we are looking at today, the shirts.

Harry Potter is now one of the biggest grossing film series in motion picture history, but is that really a massive achievement since there are or going to be eight movies in total and the competition for movie franchises is not that great. Even the original Star Wars trilogy, the third film was not what I hoped for in the final part of the trilogy.

I think only the geeks and nerds loved it. It’s strange, I bet those same kids have a whole room devoted to the merchandise of their time, while still living with their mother and not have a girlfriend! You know who I am talking about again don’t you?

The forty year old virgin.

I am digressing but the point I am trying to make, is the Harry Potter films have been good and they have been getting increasingly better with each one but to become the most successful franchise in movie history is not hard to do as the competition seems to be the genre films that have the hard core fans. Only The Lord of the Rings All Things Harry Potter and Video Game Shirts is any serious competition.

 All Things Harry Potter and Video Game Shirts

The real achievement from the Harry Potter franchise is not really the films, but the beginnings of the franchise. What are we talking about, the books.

It must be said it is an achievement that the Harry Potter books can get children of our generation so passionate.

With the ever increasing number of things that can divert their attention, The internet, music, video games, drugs and sex (but sadly not for the nerd), it is a weird but good sensation when you see teenagers waiting outside the local bookstore on the day of release of the latest Harry Potter book.

These books may have their critics but no one can deny the influence they have had on today’s teenagers and introduced them to the weird past time that is reading, that not only nerds can do but everyone.

I was going to write some strange but interesting facts about Harry Potter and the author J.K Rowling but I don’t see the relevance in doing that since this blog is about video game shirts apart from the fact that J.K Rowling is considered to be a MILF.

Anyway most of the facts you could easily find on other websites as everyone seems to have 20 strange but interesting facts about Harry Potter.

Anyway let’s look at some of the merchandising spins off and my personal favourite t shirts out there.

Please do not buy any of these shirts if you are over twenty, think twice about wearing one, you could become one of those guys in their forties who think wearing novelty ties is a fun thing to do. All Things Harry Potter and Video Game Shirts

 There is a lot of merchandise out there but don’t please be one of those individuals in their forties dedicating a room to Harry Potter, it’s just not right, people may say you are not harming anyone and it is ok to have an interest but you are harming yourself and your development with the outside world.

Please, please get a life, a partner or a hobby that could benefit you in some way as a person. There is nothing wrong with being a fan but don’t take it too far. You might just end up like someone writing a blog about video game shirts.

THE HARRY POTTER T-SHIRT IMAGES ARE COURTESY OF  All Things Harry Potter and Video Game Shirts

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