We all know about that sense of accomplishment when we achieve something that we having been striving and working for to achieve. We walk that little bit taller, chest puffed out, head held high, have that bit of confidence, hell, we might even think we may be attractive to the opposite sex.

Now imagine if you were a gamer, unlocking that level you have been having numerous gaming sessions to achieve. That spotty skin, caused by all the junk food you have been eating, so when you look in the mirror your face is an oily mess. But you don’t see that because you have just unlocked that level that your friends cannot do. You have that sense of achievement. You can now hold up your greasy head high knowing that maybe you are not attractive to the opposite sex (thanks to all that junk food and not washing) but you worked hard to achieve something. Not everyone has that sort of feeling so make the most of it. Although it has probably cost you a social life, friends, body weight issues and an odour problem. I won’t go on with the list as could be endless! It is not easy being a Video gaming nerd.

You can now leave the house and please, please close the door behind you.

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Left The House T Shirt

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