New series of articles focusing on iconic games, their history and eventually becoming video game shirts.starting with the game that started it all ..PONG!

Developed originally in 1972 by Atari, it was not the first video game but was the first to commercially successful and cross over into the main stream.

Actually the statement “developed originally in 1972 by Atari” is incorrect. Atari took it’s inspiration for Pong from the world’s first home games console Magnavox Odyssey, which was developed by Ralph Baer was released in May 1972, shortly followed by Atari’s polished coin-op version

Atari has developed the game Pong for a number of different gaming platforms and brought out the first home version in 1975.

They have been numerous versions of the game that have been released

These include Pong Doubles, Super Pong, Quadrapong and Pin-Pong. All featured similar similar graphics but with new game play elements.

There has even been a 3D version  of the game for the Sony Playstation.

Some say Pong is the game that is the daddy of all video games. Without Pong there would not be a video gaming industry.

Why the name Pong?

1, ‘Pong’ is the sound the game makes when the ball hits a paddle or side of the screen, and

2, The name ‘ping-pong’ is already copyrighted.

If you are one of the few people on this planet that is not familiar with the game Pong, It is based on table tennis and involves two white sticks which represent the bats and a ball. It is as simple as that. The simplicity of the game play is what made it such a big success as it made the game accessible to everyone.

Pong is now part of modern culture and referenced in TV, Film and Radio. Marketing campaigns have been based on the game. Now there are mugs, mouse mats, all sorts of accessories and of course video game shirts.

Pong video game shirts are part of of a sub group known as retro video game shirts. The popularity of the game Pong has not been diminished since it was first introduced in 1972.

What next for Pong?

Pong continues to live on in mini games that you have for your mobile devices, in one form or another. There are rumours of a new feature film based on the game but at the time of writing these are just rumours.

Of course Pong lives on as part of the video games shirts industry and below you will see the newest interactive t shirt based on the game pong

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