Now I know in the past I have ripped the proverbial p*** out of middle age men who wear funny video game shirts but there are some cool designs out there that won’t make you look like a 40 year old virgin.

Some funny video game shirts do have magical properties, they are great at repelling the opposite sex and do scream Nerd! With a very loud exclamation mark. These are the sort of shirts you have to avoid. To be honest if you are old enough to have teenage kids then you should stay away from these shirts.

Now if you are relatively young, these shirts are great and can be a talking point for anyone.

Some of the best funny video game shirts are the ones that have a twist on your favorite game. It can be difficult to take the p*** out of these shirts as they are very personal to everyone. What I am trying to say there is nothing wrong with these shirts as some of the best designs come under funny video game shirts.

Follow my golden rules below to make sure you don’t look like a socially defective person I.e. a nerd in a funny video game shirt.

Rule no 1

Do NOT under any circumstances wear one of these shirts if you are over the age of 35 as you will look like the 40 year old virgin. There is no social situation where these shirts are acceptable to wear for people over 35 unless you are at the North Pole, alone and would like to die of hypothermia.

Rule no 2

Do not ever wear these shirts on a date unless you want to end your date early or you want your life long partner to be your right (or left hand).

Rule no 3

Do not wear these shirts every day as you will become the person who no one takes seriously, and happen to be the same person who spends countless hours playing their favorite video games at the expense of both their personal hygiene or making friends.

Rule No 4

Never wear these shirts if they carry swear words. These can be offensive. Enough said!

Rule No 5

Ignore all the above, if you love wearing these shirts, carry on. Like I said earlier funny video game shirts are very personal, what is funny for one personal is no necessarly funny for someone else.

And don’t forget  out of the young nerds out there will be the next big player to rival Microsoft or Apple. Or even the next Facebook.

Below are some example of funny video game shirts.

These Don’t Make Me A Killer Funny T Shirt @

You Complete Me Galaga Video Game Funny T Shirt @

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