June 12, 2019

You are too free but do not want to struggle with hard-hitting hardcore games that require intense brainstorming? Look for a time-consuming game with a little bit of logical thinking about the arrangement. In Idle Factory Tycoon, you play the role of director of a factory with a starting line to make capital. The game will test your operator with the most basic thing of the production business, which is taking raw materials, making products and selling money to import new materials. Just so perfect if you have a video game shirt like that.

Basically, it looks simple and boring, but when it goes deep, actually Idle Factory Tycoon is an interesting link and balance indicator system. Each group will have a level to raise by money, each level will accumulate the price of money and of course productivity will increase. For import and sales groups, the amount of material and money an employee can carry and when reaching the milestone, will increase the number of employees. Particularly, the production group is regulated by the productivity of processing raw materials and changed into products.

When you upgrade a group, there will be a productivity imbalance in the factory, for example, a higher level production team will handle the material faster, making it impossible for the import group to enter, leading to stagnation.  That motivates you to always manage the balance between the groups so that there is no right to “sit and play” and wait for the other team to catch up.

The number of lines makes the lines of the table open more and more far away according to the length of the factory. From there, the burden is on the two transport groups when the distance traveled and the imported materials have to be broken down for each line. If 100 materials are delivered to 4 lines, then 25 pieces per line but there are 8 lines at present, only 12.5. This pressure will make you continue to roll out the balance.

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